The simulation of NATO shall be as follows:

  • Each participating institution shall represent one or more NATO Member States.
  • Each NATO member state delegation shall consist of a minimum of 6 students and, where possible, be accompanied by a faculty advisor.
  • Each delegation shall receive preparatory material, including the Delegation Handbook, pertinent publications on NATO and a preliminary agenda from the sponsors, prior to the conference.
  • Delegates are encouraged to supplement the material with individual research and, where possible, classroom instruction, to enhance their preparation.
  • On arrival in Washington, DC, each delegation shall be briefed at the Embassy of the country it represents.
  • The sponsors shall designate qualified student delegates to preside over the deliberations of each committee.
  • The sponsors shall assign participating university/college professors to serve as faculty advisors and resource persons in each committee.
  • The Model is a simulation of the deliberations of NATO as they take place at its meetings, through debates, negotiations, etc.
  • In addition to its adopted agenda, the Model shall simulate an on-going crisis to be revealed at the Model.